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Tim McCurdy-Myers, MSc., RP, RMFT

Registered Psychotherapist 

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

Clinical Consultation

Pronouns: He/Him

At a Glance

Services Offered

  • Individual Therapy

  • Couples Therapy

  • Sex Therapy

  • Clinical Consultation

A Bit About Me
*Kindly be advised that Tim is currently unable to accept new clients. Existing clients have the convenience of scheduling appointments through our online portal. If you are not presently working with Tim and opt to book online, your appointment will be rescheduled with an alternative clinician. We appreciate your understanding. 

Hi, I'm Tim!


I would like to help you.

You may be struggling and stuck. You may have lost connection to a loved one. You may be grappling with who you are and who you want to be. When things are hard, staying steady takes a tremendous amount of energy and finding a way out may feel impossible. My goal is to assist you through these challenges.

A child of two psychotherapists, I am a lifelong student of what makes individuals flourish and relationships last. I pursued this interest with an undergraduate Honours in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Couples and Family Therapy. Through these degrees, I learned evidence-based approaches to working with relationships and individuals, and I used these skills to support the broader community. I have also used this learning in my personal life; building loving, supportive, and communicative relationships with my partner, friends, and family.


As a therapist, I want to collaborate with you; to understand what you have tried already, and access your unique strengths. I specialize in working with couples and individuals. 

Over time, relationships involve finding, losing, and re-finding your partner. My approach to working with romantic relationships focuses on building communication and connection. When partners are able to communicate truthfully and listen attentively, it facilitates a connection that makes the hardships of life easier to bear. Partners will often end up in habitual patterns of interaction that leave everyone feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. The restorative process starts by hearing what each of you would like to be different in your relationship then exploring where these interactional patterns inhibit that goal. We will discuss what good communication looks like for both of you, and how you each need to speak so the other can hear. You can try these new communication styles both inside and outside of sessions. As you practice changing how you communicate, the emotional landscape of your relationship may shift and grow. People often reconnect to the deep love they feel for their partner, and use this solid foundation to build a new future.

In personal therapy, we will establish where you want to go, and work collaboratively to make a map there. Everyone’s destination is different, so there is no universal route through hardship. We will explore the terrain together as you share your experiences and values. We will review the solutions you have already attempted and the tools you regularly use. We may experiment with techniques and perspectives that others find useful, and discover if they are a good fit for you. We may discuss tasks you can undertake outside of therapy to practice making change. My experience has shown me that people are often stronger and more resourceful than they realize. I want to explore all the tools at your disposal to make a customized solution to your specific problem.


I'm looking forward to working with you!

Professional Qualifications


Professional Associations

  • Master of Science: Couple and Family Therapy - University of Guelph

  • BA (Hons) Psychology - Queen's University

  • Intensive Sex Therapy Training Program - University of Guelph

  • Registered Psychotherapist - College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

  • Registered Marriage and Family Therapist- Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

  • College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario - Registered Psychotherapist (RP)

  • Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy - Registered Marriage & Family Therapist (RMFT)

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