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Information for Prospective
Practicum Students

We are always looking for ways to continue to strengthen and empower the communities we find ourselves in. As such, we have developed our practicum program to align with educational goals for graduate students completing their Masters degrees.

If you believe that you would be a great addition to our team as a Therapist Intern, please read below on how to apply. 

About Relationship Matters Therapy Centre

Our goal is to provide our Therapist Interns with the opportunity to gain insight and comprehensive psychotherapeutic experience in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Therapist Interns are supervised by Registered Psychotherapists (registered with the CRPO) who will oversee their clinical work as they complete their practicum requirements. 

At Relationship Matters Therapy Centre (RMTC), we specialize in systemic and relationally-focused therapy. Our team of experienced therapists provides in-person and virtual counseling services to a diverse range of clients. We prioritize creating a collaborative, safe, and inclusive environment for both our clients and team members to work and learn in

About You: Prospective Therapist Intern

What are we looking for?


As a prospective Therapist Intern,  it's clear to us that your values as a therapist align with ours. You are relationally-focused, strength-based, and committed to inclusivity and anti-oppression - all values that we hold dear at our practice. In addition, our approaches to therapy align with how you would like to do therapy. 

You are a masters level graduate student, currently enrolled in a CRPO accredited program. You have also been able to complete all necessary requirements, as outlined by your program, in order to successfully begin working with clients. You have a clear understanding of the proclaimed act of psychotherapy. You also have a great understanding of your social location and how that may influence your work with clients. Lastly, you have a good understanding of ethical considerations, and professional standards of practice as outlined by the CRPO. 

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