Individual Therapy

Non-Monogamy Therapy

Counselling for individuals in ENM and Polyamorous relationships in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge who struggle with relational or individual issues. 

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It is a relationship that is flexible enough to allow for change and that is constantly being renegotiated in the light of changing needs, consensus in decision-making, acceptance and encouragement of individual growth, and openness to new possibilities for growth.

Tristan Taoromino 

Counselling in Kitchener, Waterloo, & Cambridge for ENM and Polyamorous Relationships

Ethical Non Monogamy (ENM) and Polyamory are relationship orientations that are enjoyed by many. It can be nerve-racking to find the right fit, particularly when you are unsure about whether or not the therapist has experience working with non monogamous clients and will understand a significant part of your life.


In our work with ENM and Polyamorous clients, we hold an understanding and explore with you the potential influences of mononormativity (the idea that romatic/sexual relationships are only normal between two people) on your concerns and goals. 

Common reasons some people seek 

Non-Monogamous Therapy

  • Transitioning from monogamy to Non-Monogamy

  • Communication about boundaries

  • Healing from boundary crossing

  • Addressing experiences of marginalization

If you are ready to begin, reach out to us if you believe that we may be a good fit for you for relational or individual therapy. 

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