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Understanding the Weight: How Work Stress Impacts Men's Mental Health

Mental Well-Being, Counselling, Counsellor, Ontario

Let’s admit it, our careers along with the places we work can be an aspect of our lives that affect us significantly. For men in particular, a workplace can contribute to significant stress in unique ways such as the societal expectation of providing which can cause some men to feel internalized pressure.

A study done by Community Savings Credit Union and HeadsUpGuys found that “Canadian male workers reported higher psychosocial risks in their workplaces […] with support from supervisors and colleagues being particularly lower among Canadian workers, and burnout and stress being considerably higher” (Community Savings Credit, HeadsUpGuys, 2022). Do you resonate with this finding?

We've added a few strategies below from our very own Relationship Matters therapists. These strategies aim to help cope with workplace stress and protecting your mental wellness in the workplace.


Tim McCurdy-Myers, MSc., RP, RMFT proposes the idea of “treating yourself as someone you are leading. Talk to yourself the way a good boss would encourage you. Take breaks in a way which will help you be a good worker long term. Celebrate your successes as well as kindly learn from your failures. Leadership is not just something that happens with others, it is also an internal process.”


We also asked Danielle Lancaster, MCouns., RP (Qualifying) who suggests “striving for a good balance between work life and personal life.”


Bhavani Narayanan, MSc, RP (Qualifying) shares “one coping mechanism for men’s mental health in the workplace is mindfulness. When stressed or overwhelmed using grounding exercises, such as deep breathing and small stretches, can help you regroup, even in a cubicle.”


Michael Poydenko, MSc., RP (Qualifying) suggests “to remember you are not on your own, that you are a part of something larger whether a community, family, landscape, there is a shared common humanity.”

Implementing coping strategies into your workplace can help you embrace self-care and prevent workplace burnout. As our therapists suggest, something as simple as creating these boundaries and prioritizing mental health in the workplace can help destigmatize the conversation around the notable impact of workplace stress for men.

Relationship Matters Therapy Centre is a private therapy practice in downtown Galt, serving Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph in-person, or Ontario-wide online. If you’re looking to book an appointment with any one of the therapists at Relationship Matters you may contact us via email at, or by phone at 226-894-4112. 


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