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Low-Cost Therapy

The new year is upon us, and we bet many of you are deciding whether or not to put taking care of your mental health on your resolution list. To which we say - of course you should! We want you to find a counsellor that is just the right fit. This is why we offer free 15-minute consultations with our therapists at your request. We would love nothing more for you to be on your way to being the best you in 2023! If you are in the Cambridge or surrounding areas and looking for therapy near you, we are ready to book you an appointment.

According to research, mental illness indirectly or directly, affects 1 in 4 individuals. That is 25 percent of the population! A large majority of the world struggles with some type of mental illness. Yet it can be a difficult topic to open about and discuss with others as there unfortunately some stigma that still exists surrounding mental health.

We understand that there are various reasons why one may struggle to take the initiative to seek help. Some people may feel embarrassed to open about their mental illness, while others may feel shame. Some may not feel either way but instead cannot afford therapy because of money issues. Therapy can be a long-term commitment, and it can be costly - especially if you are not covered by insurance. With that being said, therapy can be one of the best financial investments that you ever make! If you are experiencing financial issues, we may have a solution for you.


Provincial healthcare plans like Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), do not cover registered psychotherapists or social workers working in private practice. Therefore, the first thing we suggest that you do is call your insurance provider to see if they offer benefits that cover psychotherapists or social workers. Some insurance providers will cover one or the other, which is why our clinic has both psychotherapists and social workers available! Some insurance providers will completely cover the cost of therapy, while others may partially cover it, like 80% of the fee. While we do not offer direct billing, we do provide you with a detailed electronic receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider. Examples of insurance providers who provide coverage for mental health include:

If you submit your receipts online and have difficulty finding the therapist’s name in your benefit providers directory, we encourage you to give your insurance company a call to find out why there is an issue.

Sliding Scale

If you don’t have insurance or you have reached your maximum coverage amount, then ask us about sliding scale! Sliding scale are therapy fees that are adjusted according to your income or what you can afford to pay. They exist to offer affordable therapy to individuals who may not have benefits from insurance or may not be able to afford the full session fee.

If financial problems are a barrier for you with regards to attending therapy, then reach out to us. We would love to help you get started with a sliding scale fee that reflects what you can afford.

Our sliding scale spaces are limited, and our goal is to offer these spaces to as many clients as we can! Sliding scale rates are available for a select number of sessions and for a limited amount of time. Once these sessions have been used up or the time to use them has expired the sliding scale space will need to be released so that we can offer it to the next client on the waitlist. Reach out to us if you would like more details about sliding scale options.

If you are looking for a more long-term low fee rate, we suggest inquiring about our intern therapists.

Intern Therapist

For individuals who cannot afford therapy, it may be worth looking into an intern therapist as they offer reduced rates and flexible pricing. What is an intern therapist you may ask? An intern therapist is a student currently completing their master’s level education and training in therapy.

Intern therapists are students that are well trained in their studies to provide therapy. They are educated on the most recent and up-to-date techniques and theories to best therapeutically support clients. Intern therapists are closely supervised by our seasoned psychotherapists and founders of Relationship Matters Therapy Centre - Jason Carrasco, MSc., RP., RMFT - SQ & Carling Mashinter, MSc., RP.

With an intern therapist, you can start individual therapy for as low as $70 per session or couples’ session for $90 per session here at Relationship Matters Therapy Centre, in Cambridge, Ontario. To learn more about the advantages of seeing an intern therapist click here.

Online therapy

You might not be in driving distance from our office in Cambridge, or you may find it challenging to prioritize the time and energy to make in-person sessions - no problem, we suggest that you consider online-therapy.

Online therapy is a great way to reduce barriers in accessing help. We know that it is SO difficult for couples and family to schedule a session because you need to coordinate everyone's schedules. Through online therapy, sessions and be scheduled on lunch breaks, or five minutes after work because you won't need to commute to the office. It can also help you to save money - we know that gas isn't cheap and neither is babysitting!

We offer both in-person and virtual therapy so that it is more convenient for you to receive therapy. Virtual therapy allows you to attend therapy from the comfort of your home, your parked car, or wherever else you feel most comfortable! If you are experiencing internet issues and cannot attend your virtual session, then we also offer the alternative of phone appointments.

If financial issues are a barrier for you in receiving therapy, then contact our admin support at 226-894-4112 to discuss some affordable options for therapy. We are located in Cambridge which is just a short drive from Kitchener, Waterloo, Brantford and Guelph. We would be more than happy to help you! You can also book an appointment yourself online through our website at


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