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RMTC’S Year In Review: 18 Blogs Of 2023

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Relationship Matters. We supplied an amazing amount of valuable knowledge to our readers with 18 blogs in 2023. We have an incredible team that supports the growth of their clients and encourages positive mental health. It is fitting that we end the year with a summary of all the advice and guidance our team provided.  


Top 18 Must-Read Blogs of 2023 

  1. 2023 started off by talking about D.O.S.E which is dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. We discussed that they are deemed the “feel good” neurotransmitters and that by exercising, eating well and getting high quality sleep you can give them a boost which can improve your mood and lower your stress.  

  1. We swooped into attachment styles and love languages during the month of Valentine’s to provide our readers with an idea of how these two topics can relate to their relationship and impact how they interact with their partner. Many people have heard of the 5 love languages and their understanding of it has challenged their idea of how they view their partner. We encouraged our readers to notice how they reacted to reading about the various attachment styles as this is a small step in learning how to deal with different attachment styles in romantic relationships. 

  1. Breakups are incredibly hard! That is why we shared how to provide yourself with some love during the transition and why this can be so meaningful. Sometimes your own needs in a relationship can get put on the backburner for such a long time that it is easy to forget how to prioritize yourself.  

  1. Who would have thought that SFT (Solution Focused Therapy) would be so valuable for couples work? Therapists did! That is why they use it all the time! You have the resources and the strength to solve your own problems, so why not learn about how you can discover your own power?!  

  1. How are you protecting your brain? It is such a sensitive organ and if it gets damaged so many things can change in your life including relationships with yourself and your loved ones. We dove into the definition and the difficulties of a TBI during this blog. 

  1. Since your brain is so involved in your mental health, we felt it was best split into 2 blogs. During our 6th blog of the year, we talked about how an individuals’ personality can change after a TBI and why that is likely to happen. We talked about the A-B-C approach and how each of the steps can help to investigate behavioral changes. 

  1. Abuse can happen at any age and can come in a variety of forms. We used this blog to discuss the diverse types of abuse and neglect that happen to adults.  

  1. Abuse takes place far too often and can have terrible consequences on mental health. PTSD, anxiety, and depression are some of the ways that abuse can manifest within an individual. Learning to cope as time progresses can become overly complex. Choosing therapy is a fantastic way to help build on your strategies.  

  1. Has Narrative Therapy been on your list of things to read about? We charged into the idea that this type of therapy is beneficial and inclusive to everyone no matter their relationship status. RMTC (Relationship Matters Therapy Centre) focuses on so many relationships, one of which is the relationship you have with yourself. Narrative Therapy helps individuals focus on their positive emotions when it comes to the negative events that have happened in their lives.  

  1. Society often pushes the notion that you are to raise and have children of your own as soon as you are capable. But what if your body is not capable? This conflict can have a significant impact on your mental health. Infertility can often be a topic of a “hush, hush” nature and we want to break the stigma and encourage our readers to allow themselves to be fully vulnerable and express their emotions when dealing with what can be an intense and painful process.  

  1. Holy stress-balls! How can I manage all this stress? We swooped in to save the day by providing ways to mindfully manage stress. Something about a few deep and delicious breaths of fresh air can really get your body to listen to you. We talked about how the temperature change of the water while washing your hands and the smell of the soap can help bring focus to something other than the stressful situation on your mind.  

  1. Men face many silent struggles, one of which is their mental health. We chatted with a few of our very own therapists to get an idea of what types of things they wish more men knew.  

  1. Reaching out for assistance with mental health can be quite difficult for men since they are often held at a standard that imposes the idea that it is frowned upon. It is important to build a network of relationships that you can count on. In this blog we go over how to lessen the feelings of isolation and some topics we continue to encourage men to have. 

  1. Men’s mental health can be highly impacted by work situations. We chatted with 4 of our very own therapists to get their recommendations for coping strategies to deal with stressors within the workplace.  

  1. When discussing body image insecurities, men are not commonly the subjects. In this blog, we go over why this is likely the case and dive into the multiple mental health issues an insecure body image can cause.  

  1. The holidays should be a time to surround yourself with people you love and bask in their joyful company. This can be a painful time for those that are estranged from their family members. In this blog we also cover the feelings of isolation that often arise from those that have loved ones that live at a distance. Blended families can be difficult to navigate during the holidays and one of our psychotherapists at Relationship Matters gives some tips regarding this. 

  1. You would expect that any holiday should be a time to relax or at least enjoy the time spent with family or friends. However, that is not always the case especially when you have a parent who impacts the joyful environment in a negative way. In this blog we discuss ways to navigate such an occasion and how to set your expectations.  

  1. You are ready to set the new year off with goals galore and you are certain that you will accomplish every single one. Then the third week of January hits and your goals are looking a little less achievable. Stress not! We provided some helpful tips for you regarding goal setting.  


We hope that you find our blogs informative. If there are topics you want to learn more about, please do not hesitate to let us know! You can send us an email at or send a dm to our Instagram @relationshipmatterstherapy.  


If you are looking to book an appointment with any one of the therapists at Relationship Matters, please contact us via email at, or by phone at (226) 894-4112.


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